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About me

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by my page.

By way of an introduction my name is Caoimhe and I am a lover of all things weddings and organising. I started blogging on Instagram in September 2019, I was surprised by how many people seemed interested in the posts I was sharing and as I really enjoyed it I decided to expand and make my own website and offer consultancy services for those who required it.

As I have worked in finance for over 5 years I am used to working with numbers and creating budgets and financial plans comes quite easy to me. This is one of the areas I really enjoy and  I can offer great expertise to any brides planning their wedding.



I decided to get into consultancy when I realized that I enjoyed chatting to people and helping them start their own plans. Meeting people one on one and working through the areas they struggle with the most is hugely rewarding and I never get tired of it.


A little more personal information on me, I am a huge animal lover (hence the picture of the horse) and I am really interested in fitness and health after a few years of a very unhealthy lifestyle. I post about this regularly too as I feel as brides we all want to look and feel our best for our big day. 

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