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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I’ve always loved offering advice and helping people come up with a good plan.

I love nothing more than to sit down, research and put together a plan for whatever project I am working on.

What made me move into consulting.

I think weddings are one of the most important days of our lives, and we want it to be perfect. However, it’s also so easy to get carried away with lavish ideas that shoot the cost of the wedding right up and result in a lot of stress.

Having worked in finance for over 5 years, creating spreadsheets and plans is nearly second nature to me, I am a bit of an organized freak, but it comes in handy in certain situations, wedding planning being one.

By working together, I want to help you create a realistic and achievable wedding budget and savings plan as well as provide you with a list of recommended suppliers that will work within this budget. My opinions are completely unbiased as they are all people I’ve followed and loved for a while.

There is also the chance of some potential discounts which could end up saving you hundreds in the long run, so that’s always a huge bonus.

I believe most people do not need a wedding planner to organize their wedding, however for €150 we can put together a plan, provide you with a list of suppliers and venues that will fit your budget and save you hours of time researching.

We all know how overwhelming wedding planning can be, especially if you’re trying to juggle it between work and life so by meeting me for 1 hour you really will be setting yourself up for a much more enjoyable process.

If you’re interested, get in touch today and book a consultation here on the website, or if you want some more information about what we can offer feel free to email me via the contact button or at

Looking forward to hearing from you always,

Caoimhe x

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