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Saving tips and tricks

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

For years I was terrible with money, I couldn't save anything and I was unbelievable at treating myself over the most minor inconveniences. It took me a few years to create some good habits but I feel I've made huge progress and decided it would be a great time to share some tips.

I’m not sure why but creating savings plans and budget plans is my favourite part of planning. It’s an area that’s probably the most important and if you can get it sorted early on the less stressful your wedding planning experience will be.

The first thing I recommend to everyone is getting yourself a notebook and tracking your spending as much as possible. While of course you can’t completely track everything it’s definitely very helpful for getting an idea of what you’re spending your money on and where you can cut back.

You can also track by downloading and reading your bank statements if writing your daily spending in a notebook is too much work, however I do prefer that method. Most banking apps now do this for you and provide a breakdown of where your money is going on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you know your weakness (vanilla lattes anyone? 🙈) it’s easier to tackle them.

Below are ways to try reducing spending on popular money drainers!

Coffee spenders:

Try and cut down on daily trips to the coffee shop by bringing your own coffee to work, you can bring a coffee press and your own coffee and you’d be surprised how quickly you stop losing a fiver here and there by running to the nearest coffee shop. I’m also terrible for getting myself a snack to go with it. This was adding up to nearly a tenner a day on nothing really, plus you can get yourself a coffee as a Friday treat, and you’ll enjoy it even more.


What I found worked for me was instead of just saying I wasn’t buying anymore clothes I would set a date for myself, usually every 2 months or 3 and if I reached my savings target by that date I would allow myself to spend a certain amount of money on new clothes. This meant I still got to feed my love of online shopping while also saving and not feeling any guilt. It really did work, I picked a date in the future and marked it in my calendar as ‘Shopping Day’ and just waited until then before I bought anything. Try and stay out of clothes shops and away from the online stores before then if you can. You can’t want what you don’t know exist.


We all love eating out. Whether its brunch, takeaways, or movie nights we love them all, but they are money drainers. However, similar to the shopping if you set yourself targets and rewards you’ll find yourself saving a lot of money. Life is hectic, and we are constantly trying to catch up with people and this usually means going for dinner and drinks, we can find ourselves doing this twice a week without realizing which does eat a lot into savings. Make strict plans to only go out for dinner, lunch or brunch a certain amount of times and stick to it. Instead of going out for a group meal, suggest a night in, where maybe you could do potluck or just a tea and catch up at home instead. Everyone can bring something small and instead of paying a fortune you have a great catch up for less than nothing, Plus I honestly find it nicest to catch up with people in the comfort of my own house or someone’s house where you can just relax. This will also mean you enjoy those nights out or brunches more as they’re something to look forward to.

I hope you enjoyed these little tips, it's not easy to get into a new habit but once you've got a routine it becomes second nature and gets a lot easier, Happy saving :)

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