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Postponing our October 2020 Wedding

This blog is for any bride who’s been personally victimized by COVID-19.

We took the plunge this week to postpone our own wedding to April 2021. This was a tough decision to make. We don’t want to put our lives on hold and we knew there was always a risk that even in April there may still be the same restrictions we were facing for an October 2020 wedding.

For us it came down to the fact we couldn’t imagine our wedding without a large group of people who would have to travel from abroad, which was not looking too feasible given the current circumstances.

I have had quite a few emotions over the whole ordeal, to say the least. It was hard to accept and I was frustrated and sad but mostly I was just relieved. I was happy that I wasn’t waking up anymore hoping for some sort of update on weddings. It was all just getting a bit too close for comfort and by changing the date I could now relax.

I still feel that weddings will go ahead in October, I just found there was too much uncertainty around numbers and restrictions. I’d rather wait it out a bit longer and see what happens. If it comes to April 2021 and the same restrictions are in place we can at least say we tried! I don’t want this to dishearten any brides still holding out for their date, as everyone is different and a lot of brides I have spoken to are happy to reduce numbers and have a smaller wedding. There’s also the option to have a small intimate ceremony on your original date and then throw a big celebration when restrictions are lifted. It’s completely up to the couple and nobody else.

So, to turn this into a positive post I wanted to share some of the things I am most excited about for my new April 2021 date.

- More time to save! This means I might splash out a little more on some extra flowers, or a more extravagant day 2 dress. Lots of possibilities. Or of course, just be sensible and put the additional savings towards a house.

- April is a beautiful time of year, and cherry blossoms are my favourite flower/tree of all time. I may have been heart set on the Autumn theme wedding but it’s easy to get just as excited about Spring.

- My love for all things green and velvet for bridesmaids dresses has lately been replaced with all things satin and neutral tones, this style dress would work better in Spring time then Autumn if I choose this route for bridesmaids.

- I really feel restrictions will have lifted a lot by next April, and people will be so excited to get out and celebrate. It will be fabulous.

Whether you have decided to postpone your wedding or wait it out it’s important to try not let it get to you too much. You will still marry your best friend, you will still celebrate with your loved ones and you will still have a beautiful day. It’s easy to get caught up in the flowers, the venue and the dresses but the important part is marrying your husband or wife.

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