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Where To Start With Planning Your Big Day

Happy Monday everybody! I hope the week is off to a good start for everyone. I have decided to start posting a blog once a week, each blog will cover a different topic, and each month I will have a ‘Venue of The Month’ and a ‘Supplier Of The Month’ to help any couples look for ideas, and also to help any venues or suppliers.

If you have any recommendations on who you think this should be make sure to comment below so I can check them out.

This blog post is going to be all about planning your wedding and where to start. It’s such an amazing and exciting time of our lives that a lot of us have dreamed of since we were kids, however when it comes to getting down and starting the planning it can seem overwhelming.

I recommend choosing a day in the future with your fiancé to sit down and start the planning process.

Book out a weekend to yourselves, order your favourite takeaway, make sure you’re topped up with snacks and drinks and get excited to get married.

The best place to start is with the dreaded budget! This means you have a starting place and can work from here on what the costs will be, how long it may take to save and a rough idea of what numbers you can work with.

When we were doing our budget, we wrote out every single expense we could think of associated with weddings, right down to granular details such as buttonholes and applied a rough cost to them. I will list what I can below to help you get started, however it’s important to note that apart from the Notification Fees nothing else must be booked, and it’s entirely up to the couple on what they want to spend their money on:





Church/Ceremony Hire,

Ceremony Music,



Wedding Decoration,

Hair & Makeup,


Wedding Dress,

Accessories & shoes,

Bridesmaids Dresses,

Grooms Suit,

Groomsmen suits,

Gifts & favours,

Notification fee,

Marriage course (if getting married in a church),

Wedding Rings, Transport.

Again, not all expenses are necessary, there are plenty of ways to cut back on your wedding costs and each couple has their own unique taste. However, by writing everything out you can make a note of what you will and won’t be paying for. For example, you may decide to make your own cake, or a family member may make it for you and this will result in savings here.

Sort each expense by importance, for example you may find you want to go all out for your flowers and styling but are not too pushed on a videographer. For us, a photographer was extremely important however transport wasn’t too high on our list as the venue is very close to the church.

Most of us are not able to have an unlimited budget for each item so it’s important to distribute your budget accordingly.

Before we started emailing vendors and venues looking for prices we then tackled the guest list. We wanted to know what numbers we would have so that when we reached out for information we could provide as much detail as possible. I would recommend both people make a separate list, starting with immediate family, then onto extended, close friends, work friends and family friends. Working by category makes the task less daunting and you feel you’re getting somewhere. Once you have a rough idea of numbers you can now start reaching out for an idea of costs.

Emailing vendors for costs was the next step for us. We picked a category, again by importance and started doing our research. We started with venues and spent a few hours making a list of what we wanted in a venue and sending emails for information on costs. This was the toughest part as it was a lot of back and forth looking for information. I will have a separate blog post on venue hunting as its one of the most expensive parts of a wedding and you want to make sure your venue is perfect for you. Pick a different category to focus on each time you sit down to plan, like florists and venue and in a few weeks, you should be able to have a good idea of what your wedding will cost and a few options for your suppliers.

Soon it will be the fun jobs left such as bridesmaids dresses, choosing your flowers and getting very excited.

Keep an eye out for my next posts chatting in more detail about venue hunting, choosing a florist and knowing what’s a good price to pay for a service.

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